At Seattle Home Staging our expertise is to extend staging properties throughout the Seattle area whether it’s a home, a condo apartment or even a commercial property our team strives to build relationships with potential buyers and transportation companies that allow us to serve you unconditionally. No matter where your property is in the home staging area we have all the resources and materials to support your staging needs. What are you waiting for? Let’s transform your horn today!

We understand that it is hard for our clients to make a decision on whether or not they want to redecorate their homes. It can be expensive and stressful for our clients to provide this experience by themselves. You can look at Google reviews by searching “Upstaging Seattleā€ where past clients,Industry Partners vendors and employees have shared and showcased their experiences working with us. We have portfolios on previously staged and sold properties giving you a glimpse of our work as well as giving you time to explore all the information about our company and our services provided for you. and the living

At Seattle Home Staging timing is key. That’s why we recommend staging as soon as this decision is made. We don’t usually accommodate last minute requests and we practically work with our clients to create a staging proposal. assessment of the properties features along with color decor furniture anesthetics we used to customize and process your specific needs. We pride ourselves in our efficiency and professionalism to where most other staging companies cannot be compared. If you are searching for that new fancy and Chic ambiance looking home we highly recommend you come to us and look no further. We pride ourselves in delivering a captivating look that resonates with your target audience. On our website you can view the portfolio to see a wide Showcase of possibilities for what we can do to help you leave an outstanding impression of our services.

While at Seattle Home Staging We may require two or more days to completely transform your home while other staging Services can be completed within a day, I objective is to help as as sell and are staging agreements last typically for about 2 months in the event we haven’t sold a property within the two months we do offer extension agreements so that your property Still Remains beautiful stage until a new potential buyer comes along. Our services are authentic in every property displayed in our gallery are real life staging projects that we have assisted in selling. We ensure that each property’s visual is optimized to attract potential buyers and of course standing marketing pictures will capture and highlight the diverse options available for your considerations.

you can check out our website at or call 425-245-2890
to set up your application today and get scheduled for a consultation call. Again contact us take your time to explore all the information about our company on our website and when you are ready, reach out so we can help you so your property as fast and efficiently as possible and for more money we are so excited about helping you elevate your property and selling to your expectations!

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Seattle Home Staging is a staging company where we take your home and remodel it to my seamless extraordinary and cozy new home. showcasing your properties and the best qualities of your properties from our attention to detail. Our passion for design helps us create scenarios that bring out the true essence of a space no matter if it is a house, an apartment or even a commercial property. We have the materials to outshine other staging properties .

The key ones that make a difference in our home staging company have shown that soda roads have significant impacts on the buying decisions as far as the living room, the kitchen, the master bedrooms, the dining rooms, the bathrooms, the children’s bedrooms as well as the guest bedrooms. my understanding that taste and expectations are often the upper end of the income scale in our luxurious and memorable lifestyles feel that it resonates with buyers. We unleash the potential of your property by staging a showcase of the best properties in your home. paying attention to detail and putting in the passion for the designs around your home.

Yes at Seattle Home Staging We capture the beauty of our staging. We also work with a variety of photographers. In some cases some of our clients have preferred to hire their own professional photographer and we use those photos to enhance our gallery. However, should our clients not have a photographer already arranged, we do hire talented photographers. This way we can take captivating pictures and memorable images of every project we provide online.

At Seattle Home Staging we demonstrate consistency and quality. We understand the significance of high quality images so by regularly uploading photos to our website we reinforce that we consistently deliver reasonable and marketable results. Based on our past experiences we know that you can rely on our expertise to take care of your home and show an outstanding staging. Our dedication is to maintain consistent high quality results and deliver to our potential buyers.

Check out our website at Where you can dive further into our portfolio and get a little bit more up insights from our clients and their experiences. We encourage you to check out our social media pages. They have over 20,000 followers on Instagram. We update our website regularly with captivating images, reviews and video testimonials. News online services provide a deeper understanding of what we do and the transformative power of our staging services. You can also call 425-245-2890 to set up a consultation call with our expertise if you just have any questions. reach out to us today and let us help you as far as assisting your staging needs and Unlocking The True Value of your property.