At Seattle Home Staging we are passionate about delivering exceptional home staging services. Our 8-stage process guarantees nothing but great experiences from start to finish making sure your property has the attention it deserves. from real estate agents, investors , Property Owners or property managers seeking to make property shine. We are here to offer nothing but top to your home stating services that will leave your properties appealing to a new level. We are committed to transforming your property into a space that captures the hearts of all potential buyers. so come on down and have your home stage today..

Seattle Home Staging stages homes in Seattle that people know and love. When it comes to staging we aim to make the process as smooth as possible and that’s effortless as possible. We initiate designing processes simply to fill out the stage request form available on our website. our team will respond within 72 hours providing you with the soonest pick up availability. We know time is at its essence and we prioritize the seamless transition that allows you to move forward and your real estate Journey confidently. This is why people partner with us. We strive for excellence and nothing but the best to make you feel nothing but satisfied.

We have an 8 step process when it comes to staging. Step 1: We submit the inquiry which is what we call the gateway to success. step 2 we secure the project date which turns your vision into reality. step 3 we assess and prepare Excellence for the property step 4 we get the house ready and prepare for staging day. step 5 we get property access and streamlining the process. Six step six is the day of magic we start elevating the properties to new heights. step 7 would be photography capturing all the essentials of your stage property. and last but not least step 8 we sell it old! and now we are going to a seamless transition to the next chapter. Yes, successful sale of your property triggers our team into action.

If you’re in search for some of the finest homes Seattle Home Staging has to offer then look no further our faithful team and our Specialists are ready to help you and show off our creativity and expertise, transforming your property into the most captivating space that you’ve ever imagined in your life in our potential buyer’s lives. with a commitment to Excellence your property will shine brighter than it ever did before and we achieve the results that you desire. The letter transforms your property into a true showpiece.

You can always contact us on our website at from there you can check out our portfolio with our beautiful 100% authentic staged homes. You can also schedule a consultation with one of our specialists from the website as well as leave Google reviews from past clients, industry partners, vendors, and employees where they have shared their experiences as far as working with us. You can also contact 425-245-2890 for any further questions.

Seattle Home Staging | Need to stage your home today

At Seattle Home Staging we let our clients speak for us. We understand that stating a home in Seattle is a crucial decision for our clients. by searching and updating Seattle on Google you can see where our past clients, industry partners and vendors as well as employees after their experiences as far as working with us. Our portfolio shows a wide diverse range of stages and homes that we sold to properties in the past, giving you a glimpse of our acceptable work.

We stage it, we list, we sell it. Our focus is to design with intention from as soon as you walk into the home to when you go to sleep at night or even when you leave out the door as well as to when we sell to a client. We think of every possible aspect when it comes to the design. Home staging is about more than just placing Furniture in a home and decorating. I know that is unique for your home as well as the target buyers obviously no home buyers generic so why should your design be?

Seattle Home Staging Prices become and create interest in what home staging brings and offers. First we will carefully choose furniture and accessories from our inventory that will highlight the best qualities of your home and demographic as well as Homestyle insurance to Target the buyers in your neighborhood. Next we introduce the lifestyle theme design to appeal to our potential buyers. We also offer vacant staging ideas for people who have already moved out and want to sell as quickly as possible. options include stating an entire house or even just a few selected rooms and prices vary based on the square footage of areas to be staged as well as where the area is located in town.

Because of Seattle Home Staging we have provided our clients with the plan of action for fully furnished homes before staging. Our design consultant will discuss whether we go on budget with our clients and or their agent. The home’s exterior will be interviewed for improvements. A comprehensive walkthrough of the home will be performed to assist any needed repairs as far as access furniture placement flow, clutter lighting as well as color. We prepare your home for the market and provide a complete list of our recommendation designs to get the most money for your home and as little behind as possible .

listing consultations are required for occupied homes prior to the staging day and you can fill out the application at you can also contact us at 425-245-2890 where are More than humble and happy professionals are more than happy to assist you in any questions you may have. You can also schedule a consultation through the phone number provided and don’t forget to ask us about our virtual consultations. When you are ready to make this next step don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and get your staging process started.