Seattle Home Staging has some of the most top home staging Seattle has to offer. Do you want a highly rated, reviewed staging company in Seattle? If I expertise, we can transform your space into the most captivating Sanctuary you will ever see. Our website offers a portfolio above and beyond a wide showcase of Homes that leave you lasting starstruck. I am captivating homes but we provide for our clients a clear representation of capabilities and styles Each paragoner Gallery reflects a high standard of quality that we bring to every job.

At Seattle Home Staging Beauty in the eye but we also captured Beauty and Magic of our staging and every photo to make sure our clients are highly satisfied. We take the initiative to hire talented photographers. This way we can gather captivating images and provide on my window Shoppers with compelling evidence of our work. In some cases, our clients already have a photographer and we utilize those photos to enhance our gallery. leaving potential buyers speechless.

We unleash the potential of your property and we understand the importance of showcasing your property’s best qualities. Our passion for design Lets us create scenarios that bring out the true potential to eat space whether it’s a house, an apartment or commercial property. We have the materials to make it showcase. our key rooms that we make a difference to our living rooms the kitchens the master bedrooms the dining rooms the bathrooms the children’s bedrooms in the guest room. We do our utmost best to understand the taste and expectations of our clients. We create a luxurious lifestyle that connects with our potential buyers.

So you see Seattle Home Staging is the place for you. stop second-guessing it on whether you want to Stage your home or not just do it! we’ll help you every step of the way. Our team at Upstate in Seattle will go above and beyond to create a space for buyers and stuff into the property for a memorable experience. We make sure to pick the perfect colors, materials , furniture and even decor to make an emotional connection with the space. We pay attention to detail very carefully so that buyers can fall in love with their home. Ensuring to select out the best and perfect features that will shine through every stage and guarantee nothing but exceptional results.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and rigorous training process. which is why we experience Hands-On training projects. We can make sure timing is key when it comes to home staging and we are determined to sell a property as a sustainable one. We recommend discussing staging as soon as possible. check out our website at You need to schedule a consultation. Give us a call at 425-245-2890 where one of our utmost friendly plans will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have as far as the staging process.

Seattle Home Staging | Just stage it!

At Seattle Home Staging we extend staging properties throughout the Seattle area. From home to Apartments to condos, even commercial properties, our team establishes relationships with companies that allow us to serve you seamlessly. No matter where the property is located in our Boston home area, we have all the resources to support your staging needs. Are you ready to Stage that bathroom kitchen, living room, kids bedroom or even your bedroom don’t be scared, call us today and we’ll get you set up.

We understand that hearing from satisfied Seattle Home Staging clients is crucial in making your starting decision. You can go to our Google reviews by searching ‘’upstaging Seattle’’ where our past clients, partners and vendors as well as employees have shared their experiences as far as working with us. We have a portfolio showcase of a range of previously staged properties that we have sold giving you a small glimpse of our exceptional work. don’t forget to take the time out to explore all the information about our company and when you’ve made your decision reach out to us so we can stage and sell your home as soon as possible for as much money as possible.Contact us by filling out a form on our website or even giving us a call. we’re excited to help you sell your property and reach your selling expectations.

Seattle Home Staging Was founded in 2012 by Flavia with a degree in fashion and master in Business Administration giving the Perfect Blend of creativity and strategic thinking. Her husband, a Filipino real estate agent, is her Rock and together with their two daughters who lighted their lives, chairs every moment and what they do. with a degree in interior design she made a remarkable Mark on her Homeland Brazil by owning a prestigious interior design company. She gives us the motivation to do our jobs and make an impeccable mark on our clients.

Are you searching for the top notch starting service in Seattle look no further at Upstate in Seattle we specialize in a market ready home that best stands out from others. With our team of professional staging we strive to make your property shine. We do our best to attract more buyers and maximize our selling potential. The fast paced industry can thrive on problem solving with years of experience. Our team of stagers who have worked very hard on a numerous amount of properties throughout Seattle possess an intimate understanding of what it looks like when it comes to staging a home. Our goal is simple yet powerful.

Check out a website at where there you can fill out a form and check out our gallery of our authentic and beautiful stagings. You can also contact us at 425-245-2890 where you can schedule a consultation with one of our professional employees . don’t overthink it, just do it! or as we say just stage it! this is the place for you!