At Seattle Home Staging our showcases are 100% authentic and displayed in our Gallery project as a real life staging that we successfully assisted in selling. With the team of stagers who have worked in a variety of properties throughout Seattle we possess an intimate understanding of what staging a home looks like. Our goal is simple yet very powerful : please stay in properties that sell faster to attract offers above asking price while providing more value while we do it. that upstaging Seattle we go above and beyond our love for homes and we had a lot of tension to colors in accents as well as creativity.

We are committed to making every home look incredible. We believe that every home is fundamental to human happiness and we strive to make that happiness come true. We strive to make every home we stage beautiful as well as we strive to make every home / stage memorable. We provide more value to our properties than any other competitors and we hold ourselves to a core value that defines our approach as far as every project.

At Seattle Home Staging We believe in delivering our promises and if we cannot fulfill those promises or commitments we openly communicate with our clients and make a new promise. We serve as the foundation of our company. Potatoes are home and Seattle loves us from all directions and results of value above all others.

Seattle Home Staging Is a life of fun with our clients and we dedicate creativity to our work. That is what says it’s a part and gets our team going. We encourage creativity rather than imitation, leaving that flash inspiring unique creative and memorable staging designs. Everyone’s voice matters when it comes to approaching a home. Home staging starts with you so what are you waiting for Don’t Be Afraid give us a call and we’ll get your home stage as soon as possible.

Most stagings can be completed in a day though larger Projects may require two or more days for a transformation. the objective is to help you sell your home as quickly as possible and staging agreements last for about 2 months. In the event the property hasn’t been sold within the two month period we do often extend agreements making sure that your property remains staged until it finds a new owner. You can reach us at our website at or give us a call at 425-245-2890 to start your staging process today!

Seattle Home Staging | Starting homes is what we do!

At Seattle Home Staging week lab and get opinions through every employee vendor, client company and our partner involved in our projects. Everyone’s voice matters when it comes to the inclusive approach of Home states. empowering our clients through exceptional staging we also get to a greater community. Our clients’ goals uplift the entire community and we love being a part of that positive impact. Excellence is our expertise from the early stages of Designing to the complete stages of the project. prioritizing craftsmanship quality and creativity. We always go above and beyond for our clients and share that they are in this process with a smile and no regrets.

As we continue as we Embrace, I grew up staging practices I drive for company growth at the forefront of the industry. Are you curious about the work we are staging in Seattle? Take a moment to review our extensive portfolio on our website’s portfolio page where you can find all of our previous projects allowing you to witness their powerful staging expertise. If you are preparing to Stage a property whether it’s further down the line or even in the near future we are here to help and you are more than welcome to visit our gallery to get a glimpse of our transformations. If you decide you want to get started on our project please give us a call or fill out the form online so we can discuss how to stage your services to be a perfect match for the real estate needs.

Seattle Home Staging it’s full of Endless Possibilities as far as it comes to color creativity, passion and beautiful spaces. we take the extra mile to make a difference between your property into a buyer’s dream. We are featured in apartments therapy 2023 nominee the most influential people and real estate staging as well as the 2024,, real simple, and K5 news we do vacant stating as well as owner occupied staging.

experience the difference with Seattle Home Staging you can look for a refined home staging in Seattle. We understand the importance of First Impressions when it comes to selling a property and as the highest rated in most viewed staging up experts in Seattle, a customer’s value is that we specialize turning houses into beautiful, memorable and captivating via ready spaces. We pay attention to detail design and proven track records to successful sales. We are the go-to for staging experts in real estate agents as well as investors and property owners and don’t forget property managers in Seattle. We offer nothing but talk to your home staging services that will leave you speechless and have your socks knocked off your feet. You will see that every thing is here.

you can visit our website at we’re there you can see a great display of our portfolios as well as reviews from our customers and video testimonials make sure to check out our page if you have any questions or even want to schedule an initial consultation you can also call 425-245-2890 to speak to our experts if you have any questions as far as staging. So what are you waiting to get on the website? Check out our portfolio, read more about us, make your decision and give us a call to schedule a consultation today and we will have your home looking fire ready as quickly as possible. You won’t be disappointed in the results. your search ends here!