You’ve heard about how important it is to make your bed every day, but do you know how to make your bed? If you’ve ever stepped into a Pottery Barn or scrolled through Pinterest and thought, “How in the world do they make these beds so gorgeous?” well good news: we’re going to teach you! Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to making your bed look cozy and inviting.

Step One:

Coordinate your bedding so that all of the elements are within a cohesive color scheme or color family. We personally love white bedding with pops of color in throw pillows and throw blankets, but you can really choose any color scheme that fits your taste.


Step Two:

Don’t skip the bed skirt! Make sure that you have a bed skirt that is the proper length, just barely touching the floor. We love bed skirts that are white and not too frilly.


Step Three:

Euro pillows are key to creating height and depth to your bedding. On a king size bed, you should have three euro pillows in front of your headboard. Then, layer standard pillows or euro pillows in front of that. We love making this base simple and neutral with white euro pillows.


Step Four:

Group colored throw pillows in the front to create visual interest. These pillows are a great way to incorporate texture and pattern. Don’t be afraid of throw pillows that are fluffy, colored, or that have cute images.


Step Five:

Finally, fold a chunky blanket along the foot of your bed. This is what gives beds that incredibly comfy vibe. Consider using an oversized knit blanket, a quilt, or even a second comforter.


Follow these five steps and you’re good to go! Don’t forget to tag your images with #upstagingseattle to show us your style!