Fernanda Bertrand interior design

This package might be the right fit for you if you can relate with any of the following: 

- You are way too busy to think about doing one more project.

- You are tired of living in an unfinished space that feels cold, cluttered or uninviting.

- You have scoured the internet for inspiration but don’t know how to bring your ideas to life. 

- Your home feels neglected because it just isn't your top priority at the moment. 

- You just want to tell someone what you like and be able to SEE the results quickly

without the worry and hassle of trying to do it yourself. 



Fernanda Bertrand living room interior design

you imagine

Relaxing in a space that feels like you and makes you feel comfortable and safe. A space where kids can play and grow freely but is also presentable and livable.


How we can help:

We help you furnish your space from beginning to end so you can spend your free time on things that matter the most to you. At the end of our time together you'll have the comfortable and welcoming space you've been dreaming about for years. With our real world experience we will be sure to design the perfect space for you and your family. You will have a space that makes you feel comfortable and is easily maintained. 

At the end of the day, there's no point in having a beautiful space that makes you worry all the time. Beautiful fragile things will break and you know that gorgeous white linen couch that looked amazing in the magazine..? Well, 'someone' will spill something (aka that neon juice, red wine) and ruin your focal piece. Beauty and functionality is our mantra! 

How it works:

The design process of creating and bringing your vision into reality couldn't be easier! Seriously, we get that you are busy, and we invest heavily on platforms that work with our clients' busy lives. We ensure all of our documents and communication can be done online to make things as effortless as possible, if you prefer. You can approve or disapprove items with a click of a button and make payments online with any credit card. 


Steps towards your dream space:

ws- design concept .jpeg

How long will it take?

Length of project will depend on whether or not you choose custom furniture (which usually adds about 4 weeks) and how quickly you are able to make decisions. Once we get started working together, we'll send you options and expect to hear back from you with an answer within 48 hours to keep the process moving along. The average timeline for a full home makeover is 7-10 weeks. 



How much should I expect my investment to be?

The average cost per room is $1,250 which includes: Design concept, sourcing, purchasing, assembly, install and styling.

You give us a budget for furniture and accessories and we'll find everything you need within your price range!

We source our items from local and online retail stores, and we mix high and low end pieces together in order to give you a beautiful home while saving you from having to sell an organ in order to pay for it all. We believe some things are worth spending a little extra on (ie. sofa, dining set) and others aren't necessarily worth a high price tag (ie. lamps, accessories). We look for value, quality and durability in all of our selections.


Fernanda bertrand living room interior design

Are you ready to take the next steps?

Let's start with the jumpstart session where we can talk more in depth about your vision and how we can help you achieve it.

After you book a time, you can expect an email from us within 48 hours with a confirmation for our meeting and a link to fill out our style assessment quiz.

$375 Payment is due at the time of our meeting.


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Do you have any other questions or concerns not addressed?

No problem! Send us an email and we'll be happy to get back to you or schedule a phone call where we can chat more!