It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I love the end of a year because we can contemplate about the great things we've done and the greater ones we want to accomplish. It's a time to gather with family and friends and be grateful. It's also time to eat LOTS of yummy treats and decorate your house like no other time of the year! So I pulled together some of the top trends going on this year just for you! 


1. Alternative Tree Options

blog- 1 xmas tree .jpg

Less is more is becoming true to more people each year. I't's no surprise that alternative/eco-friendly christmas tree options are one of the most searchable inquiries on Pinterest and Etsy this holiday season. 


2. Moody and Dark Tablescapes 

blog- table setting .jpg

There's something so simple, classic and chic about combining black and white. This is the complete look for a modern and masculine feel with less frills but with some feminine lines here and there. 


3. Chunky Knit Stockings 


This is another trend I can truly get behind! Knit is so classic and it'll ALWAYS look great during this time of the year. No need to worry replacing these spendy bad boys next year! 


3. Creative Wrapping 

blig- 7 .jpg

Gone are the days where you can just grab a roll of gift wrapping on your way out from holiday shopping. This year's trend of creative gift wrapping is beautiful but just not for me. My kids will be lucky to have their gifts wrapped -at all- On that note, Merry Christmas y'all!