Staging Pricing



What you get: 

60 minute consultation with home owners where we go over all the things that can be done to maximize their space and make listing more appealing for pictures and open house.

Who can benefit: 

Home owners that want to save some money by doing all the leg work.





What you get: 

Space optimization with existing furniture and accessories to pull space together. Greenery, steamed bedding and fresh white towels go long ways on showings and pictures! 

Who can benefit: 

Home owners that just need one extra step to make their space stand out from other listings. It’s perfect for people that already own great pieces or furniture or home owners on a tighter budget.


Staging fee: $880- $1,000

Price per area: $175- $200

Kitchen + Bath: $50


Vacant Staging

What you get: 

Full staging including furniture rental along with all extra accessories needed to make a home appear open and inviting. 

Who can benefit: 

Home owners planing on moving out during listing period. A vacant staging can elevate a home to make it look more appealing for professional photos and showings.


Staging Fee: $880- $1,000

Per staged area pricing:

Standard: $275

High End: $375

Kitchen + Bath:

Standard: $75

High end: $80- $100