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Home Staging Seattle | Globe-Trotting Professionals Behind The Staging

submit a Home Staging Seattle staging request with Upstaging Seattle when you submit an inquiry on our website. We would love to get started on your property and provide you with all the benefits that come from staging the property that you have listed. After you’ve sold your property, we are always going to be able to help you with destaging requests as well. if this is something you also want to experience, then you can just submit another inquiry on our website. we will make sure to reach out to you within 72 hours of your request.

Meet the Home Staging Seattle professionals behind Upstaging Seattle and we know that you are going to love everything about them. For instance, we have our professional Flavia who’s a globetrotting soul that has had plenty of experience as well as used to live in Brazil. because she used to live in this beautiful area, she is going to take that style of architecture and implement it into the different staging that we have available for you. She now lives in Seattle and has been ever since 2012, so be sure to welcome her and if you already know her, she would love to work with you again.

our very own Home Staging Seattle Flavia who works at Upstaging Seattle has a degree in fashion design as well as a master’s and business administration. This is going to show you then only does she have the impeccable skill that the staging that you were requesting needs, but she also knows how to properly rent a business as well as take care of the clients that she will obtain. You will see that she is going to have the perfect blend of creativity as well as strategic thinking which is going to be a positive aspect of the real estate industry.

Because Flavia is one of the main professionals in Upstaging Seattle, we think it is very important for you to know about her personal life as well. Family means the world to her just like the rest of our company and we know that you are going to think it is interesting that her husband is a real estate agent so she knows exactly what agents are looking for in a home staging process. She also cherishes every moment that she has with their daughters. be sure to get a feel for Flavia yourself.

If you’d like to meet Flavia and see how she is able to transform your property, be sure to reach out to Upstaging Seattle today whenever you dial 425-245-2890. She would love to provide you with the best results possible as well as tell you how she dreams big and she is able to implement that in your staging. If you’d like to see the different properties that she has worked with in the past, then go online to our website today at This is where you’ll see that she continues to carve her own path and the staging industry and she will do it with your property.